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ARRL HQ Newington - 23 January 2018


Amendment to ARRL DXCC Rules Will Expand DXCC List:



  The ARRL Board of Directors approved a motion to amend the DXCC Rules, when it met January 19-20. Section II, Subsection 1 of the DXCC Rules now will include a new Subsection (d): The entity has a separate IARU member society and is included on the US State Department Independent States in the World.

  "The discussion during the Board meeting and the rule change did not address any specific entity," ARRL Radiosport Manager Norm Fusaro, W3IZ, said. "The amendment could allow some additions to the current DXCC List of entities. It's a good thing not only for DXCC but for all active hams.

  In fact, the Republic of Kosovo (Z6) has been added to the DXCC List of current entities, increasing the total number of current DXCC entities to 340. The addition of Kosovo raises to 331 the required number of current entities confirmed to qualify for DXCC Honor Roll; Top of Honor Roll is 340. DXCC award accounts are being tabulated to reflect the change.

  This change qualifies as an "event," effective on January 21, 2018, at 0000 UTC. Nothing is retroactive.

  A new Logbook of The World (LoTW) TQSL configuration file (v.11.4) will be released on January 23. TQSL will detect when this file has been released and will install the update automatically. Radio Amateurs outside of Kosovo should continue to upload their logs to LoTW in the usual manner.

LoTW users within Kososvo (either with a Z6 call sign or reciprocal call sign Z6/<home call sign>) will use TQSL to request a new call sign certificate for their call sign. The request will use Republic of Kososvo as the DXCC entity, and the QSO Begin date will be January 21 or later. LoTW will reject call sign certificate requests for the Republic of Kosovo with a QSO Begin date prior to January 21. Z6 users requesting call sign certificates may e-mail a copy of their Amateur Radio license.

  Kosovo's IARU member society SHRAK and its president Vjollca Caka, Z61VB, are hosting a 10th-anniversary activation to celebrate Kosovo's independence in February, 2008. SHRAK Headquarters station Z60A now is active on several bands with multiple guest operators. Club Log will be used for this activation, while QSLs are via OH2BH.


REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO ACTIVE TODAY -- Z60A TEAM ALREADY ON THE GROUND (Press Release by Wayne, N7NG, dated January 23rd). Kosovo's IARU Society SHARK, and its president Vjollca Caka, Z61VB, are hosting a tenth anniversary activation celebrating Kosovo's independence, February, 2008.

  The activation has already started, with Z60A being found on several bands. Adding to their HQ location is a semi-permanent low-band site.

Both sites have beam antennas plus four K3s and SPE 1.3KW amps. Olli, OH0XX, has been testing the propagation over the past two days with good -- but narrow -- U.S openings.

  An international team has been invited to Kosovo and is partially on the ground at this time. The team consists of DL3DXX, OH0XX, OH1MA, OH2BH, OH3JR, OZ1IKY, S50A and S51F, along with locals Z61DX, Z61FF, Z61VB, Z62FB and Z63DBB. Additional locals are behind this activity as well, and a new 2nd week team will be announced soon.

  Jim, K9JF, ARRL Hon. Vice-President and Hans, PB2T, IARU R1 secretary will add to the party.

  The ARRL Rocky Mountain Division director, Dwayne Allen, WY7FD has informed the team that the LoTW and the other ARRL structures are being put into place to receive this new DXCC country contacts. Already, "Republic of Kosovo" is listed in the DXCC Challenge pages.

  ClubLog will be used for this activation, while QSLs will go via OH2BH.

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Crimea and DXCC

Upon request of the CEO, the ARRL Awards committee evaluated the situation at present in Crimea against the DXCC rules.
As the interpreter of the rules, the following is the Awards Committee’s decision on how to “count” QSOs with stations
operating from Crimea.

Crimea is not a DXCC entity. Neither Russia nor Ukraine is a rare entity and the vast majority of confirmations used for
DXCC credit for either entity do not involve Crimea.

DXCC Rule 4 reads:
"4. Confirmation data for two-way communications must include the call signs of both stations, the entity name as shown in
the DXCC List, mode, date, time and band. Except as permitted in Rule 1, cross-mode contacts are not permitted for DXCC
credits. Confirmations not containing all required information may be rejected."

A QSL with a call sign issued by the administration of Ukraine and showing the entity name as Ukraine counts as Ukraine.

A QSL with a call sign issued by the administration of Russia and showing the entity name as Russia counts as Russia.

A QSL that satisfies neither condition does not count for either entity

73 es DX!  Bill Moore NC1L
Awards Branch Manager
ARRL - The national association for Amateur Radio™
225 Main Street, Newington, CT 06111
Telephone: (860) 594 0234, Fax: (860) 594-0346
email: DXCC Web Site:
Blog: Twitter: arrl_dxcc


Crimea and CQ Contests

CQ policy on stations in Crimea using Russian-issued call signs in CQ contests

After considerable deliberation, CQ has determined that the best course of action regarding Crimea and CQ contests
is to follow the lead of the United Nations and the United States government, both of which continue to consider
Crimea to be part of Ukraine, until such time as the political situation there is resolved. Therefore,

Logs will not be accepted for any
CQ Contest from stations in Crimea operating with Russian-issued call signs.
Contacts made by others with those stations will be removed from contestants' logs without penalty.
No contact or multiplier credits will be given.

We fully realize that our action may very well disenfranchise several Crimean contesters who use Russian prefixes
instead of Ukrainian prefixes. As regrettable as that may be, our action is consistent with international law,
as well as with our own Rules. 

(Issued October 2014 - Still Valid)


Known Pirate activity

Some Stations get wrongly listed as "Pirate Stations". However, it may often be the case, that a callsign
has been incorrectly heard or logged.

As always, you never know, so "Work First Worry Later" (WFWL).

YI1IRQ - is not an active callsign. Any use of this callsign
is a PIRATE. Any QSL sent to YI1IRQ will be returned unanswered

ZD9GI - Johan ZS1A, reports: "ZD9GI went QRT on 15/9/11. There is a pirate operating now with that call.
Please note info on Please do not send QSL card if after that date.
"There are NO Hams on Gough Island at this time. It will take a few years for one to go down again."

ZD9KN - Johan ZS1A, reports: "ZD9KN has never been issued.
This is a pirate operation. Please do not send QSL cards or money."

TO4E - On March 24 & 25 2012 a station appeared on the band signing TO4E,
and sending his QTH as "Europa Island, AF 009". ...This is a Pirate Station.
NO genuine activity has occurred since the dxpedition to Europa in 2003.
NO current activity has been authorized from this island.
The "TO" prefix block used in 2003 is no longer in use.
Access to Europa is forbidden, except under special authorisation.
Didier F5OGL, QSL manager for the 2003, EUROPA Dxpedition will NOT
answer any cards for this Pirate activity.

FK8IK - Xavier EA3BHK, reports that a station signing FK8IK on
17m CW was active on March 9th, and was definitely a PIRATE station.
He contacted Mic, FK8IK, and he also states it was a PIRATE.

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