The ISWL and Electronic QSL's

The ISWL is a "GOLD" member of

ALL ISWL Callsigns on have
Authenticity Guaranteed" Status.

The ISWL was one of the first Ham Radio organisations,
to accept most formats of Electronic QSL'ing,
for their Contest and Awards Programme.

We also welcome this form of QSL if you work,
or hear our club Callsigns on the air.

Like it or Not, Electronic QSL's of varying formats are here to stay!.

The ISWL currently use to send out
and receive cards from around the world.

The ISWL Prefers to receive all QSL's via

  You can use the box below for 2 purposes:
To check if you have any e-QSL's waiting for YOU,
or to see if another station is a registered
member, before you send them an card.

Remember to check all of your callsigns
/A, /P, /M etc.

( SWL's - Enter your SWL number as shown on your own QSL Cards ).

Enter your callsign to see if you have an eQSL waiting! HOME PAGES "Regular" membership is FREE to all Amateurs and SWL's.

There is also a "Bronze", "Silver" and "Gold" Membership scheme,
where for a small  donation, you can chase their awards
and other benefits of eQSL'ing.

If you require any help to set up your account
Contact Pete the Webmaster

We DO NOT QSL Via the "LOTW "  System

Like many other organisations, the ISWL was initially concerned
about fraud and false award claims, due to this "
new" method
of confirming a QSO or SWL report. However, we concluded
that the risk was no greater, than if a determined fraudster submitted
a fake QSL card, produced on a home computer and Inkjet printer.

We are NOT aware of any fraudulent claims to date.